School Districts

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Rancho Coastal Speech Therapy was born from a need to provide a better model for school districts. We understand that finding enough, suitable,  and school-knowledgeable SLPs for your district is difficult and that working with agencies who put more effort into winning big contracts than making sure they are actually satisfying the individual needs of the district is an ongoing frustration.  We believe there is a better way, and have developed trusting relationships with directors of SPED in San Diego county, ensuring they get the right therapists for their needs and that those therapists are excited to work there and want to stay because they are getting the very best rate available.


How We Help Your School

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Our company is run by a veteran SLP herself and we understand the intricate details of public school policy. We only hire the best of the best and triple screen our therapists before we present them to you for an interview. In addition, we pay them the very best market rate, so they want to work and they want to do a good job. What’s more, we do our own CFY mentoring/supervision so your district doesn’t have to. In short, we are sought after by SLPs — giving us the ability to create a strong and reliable team — and we make life easy, reliable, and stress-free for the school districts we work with.


Our Process

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  • Call or email us for a prompt response
  • We help with whatever you need for the master contract that will be set up with your district.

  • We provide our NPA certificate,  insurance information, and any other documents you may want to have on file as soon as required.

  • We shortlist the candidates we think will be a perfect fit for your open assignments and set up interviews for you.

  • Fingerprinting and license verification is done quickly, typically before the interview.

  • If a Clinical Fellowship  candidate is chosen, we can provide supervision/mentorship needed.

  • We are with you every step of the way!