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Over the years working with families, we are certain of one thing: the journey to seeking out a speech pathologist is not always an easy one. We want to fix that! Because we are not bound by the restrictions of private insurance or special education law, we have more freedom to personalize our therapy for individual consultations. We are able to get straight to the root of the problem and offer unbiased guidance. We understand the need for the right chemistry between your child and a therapist and take that into consideration with every placement. And we absolutely honor the desire of many of our families to keep privacy an utmost priority. What’s more, we have over 20 years experience working with school districts and have helped many families cut through the red tape and get the services they need for their child over that time. Success is closer than you think!

The patients I’ve referred to Christy have been exceptionally happy with their experience. Christy has a warm, natural way with children.
— Dr. Raha Shaw, M.D., pediatrician

How We Help Your Child

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We start by determining exactly what it is that your child needs to reach their potential. What is it that is holding him/her back? Sometimes it is clear what a child needs, but it is not always clear how to help them get it. For example, if a child has trouble participating in conversations, we will look at why this is occuring. Is it word-retrieval, lack of vocabulary, trouble with forming sentences, a lack of social/pragmatic language skills, or various combinations of these things? The same thing goes for trouble with reading. The behavior is easy to spot but just sitting down and doing more of the same, “reading” (slower, louder, longer) doesn’t lead to measurable results. It’s necessary to figure out if a child needs phonological training, memory/recall help, increased vocabulary knowledge or a variety of these things. Research is increasingly telling us that children not only need help with the behavioral aspect of communication but also the cognitive processes driving that desired behavior. We look at both for your child.


Our Process

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  • Call or email us for a free phone consultation.
  • Once we determine we can help, we schedule a 45 minute in-person consultation to get a better picture of your child’s communication and the next best steps to help.

  • Next up, evaluation. We schedule some time to do a variety of assessment measures with your child, talk to his/her teacher, and observe in a natural environment.

  • We present our findings in a user-friendly report format with a clear detailing of your child’s individual communication strengths and weaknesses and possible ideas for intervention.

  • Options for intervention, if determined necessary, will be provided for both public and private services.

  • If we are lucky enough to be your child’s private therapist we come right to your home and work with your child and provide a treatment plan and all therapy materials.

  • Graduation! Once a child has reached all their predetermined goals, we are thrilled to have them graduate our program.



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