Who We Are

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Christy Himstreet is the founder of Rancho Coastal Speech Therapy. When she began her career in speech therapy 20+ years ago, she realized she had found her calling. For Christy, helping children learn to communicate with confidence always went beyond the mechanics — it was a way to empower children for life. She still has a close relationship with many of her former students’ families and loves to see what purposeful and satisfying lives they have gone on to lead.


After many years working independently and seeing so many other SLPs going through large contract agencies or flailing on teacher pay scales, Christy saw a way she could help. She imagined somewhere SLPs could find a professional, ethical, and fair environment without the faceless feel of a large agency or always-too-busy school districts. At that moment, Rancho Coastal Speech Therapy was born, and Christy has never looked back. At RCST, she has created a place where speech therapists can focus on the great work they do because they are well taken care of, and parents and school districts can benefit from the depth of experience Christy brings to the table as well as the incredible team of dedicated therapists on her team.


What We Do

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First and foremost, we help children. We never lose sight of that driving force, and our pledge to the ASHA Code of Ethics  “To hold paramount the welfare of persons (we) serve professionally,” whether we are recruiting SLPs to our company and helping them to grow their careers, determining which therapist is right for a district or an individual family, or advocating on behalf of a family through an Independent Education Evaluation.


Our Philosophy

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We do not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to speech pathology. No district has exactly the same needs as another, just as each child needs a personalized approach. We chose to reject the big agency model in favor of a more holistic approach that takes into account not only our client’s front-line requirements but also the more subtle ones, such as therapist/client chemistry and long-term relationship building. At Rancho Coastal Speech Therapy we honor our responsibilities for all our clients, whether that be a parent and child team, a large school district, or our own speech language pathologists.