Christy Himstreet is a clinical speech and language pathologist with over two decades of service to children and their families. Although diagnosis and therapies vary greatly between children's individual stories, the premise of how to help them Christy says, is very much the same. "As a pathologist, our job is to find out what exactly is holding a child back and how we can incrementally, in a series of researched-based successions, help a child to reach his or her potential." Christy believes in real, attainable goals for children. She adamantly follows researched based principals in an artful way to meet each child's very unique needs. Here's what people are saying about Christy:

"Our family is so appreciative of Christy's help, expertise, guidance and reassurance during our family's time of need, new diagnoses and the reality of coping with the unknown course of raising kids with challenges.
I will be surely sharing her info with those in need!" -Kerry O., Parent

"Ok, If you're even thinking "maybe" your child may benefit, you must call, I can personally say you cannot find anyone who can more successfully work with your child than Christy!" -Claudia K., Parent

"As a fellow Speech-Language Pathologist and parent, I would absolutely recommend Christy. She possesses ALL of the most essential characteristics that I would seek in a speech therapist. Just to name a few, Christy is knowledgeable, experienced, compassionate and creative. Her personality and passion for life are infectious! Kids just love her!" -Amy Henderson, M.A. CCC-SLP

"Christy is a natural with children and makes each and every child/family that she works with feel special.  Her extensive knowledge of communication disorders and their treatment is evident during each therapy session.  She individualizes plans for every client and never uses a "cookbook" approach to treating clients." - Margo Dixon,.M.A. CCC-SLP

"Christy has been a welcome presence in our home. She is great with our daughter. Our daughter usually takes a while to warm up to strangers, not the case with Christy! Dani took to her immediately and we look forward to our weekly sessions together. After only a few sessions, we started seeing real progress in our daughter's speech development. Thank you Christy!" - Kristen H., Parent

"Christy Himstreet makes speech therapy fun for everyone! Our teachers have enjoyed watching her passionate work affect a quick and positive outcome for a student she has been working with this year at my school. Not only did this student fall in love with her, but we found her work to be remarkable too. Christy spent time training our staff in areas where additional information could support this student at school. Christy is timely, professional and a true pleasure to work with." - Polly Trump, Owner, Del Mar Hills Nursery School

"Christy has made speech therapy such a positive experience for my daughter that she actually looks forward to her sessions. Christy explains the process in a way that we can  easily understand and she is always available for any clarification. I have already noticed improvements in my daughter's speech in just a few sessions!" -Stephanie H., Parent

"Christy's work has changed the life of my four year old son. He absolutely adores her and looks forward to every session. She has gone above and beyond, working with his school and our family, and it has made all the difference in the world! - Marissa U., Parent
"Christy has such an endearing and patient way with my son which has made him confident and eager to work with her on a weekly basis.  We are absolutely thrilled with his progress and are so thankful to Christy for his success!" - Lisa B., Parent
“The patients I’ve referred to Christy have been exceptionally happy with their experience. Christy has a warm, natural way with children.” -Dr. Raha Shaw, M.D., pediatrician

"Christy provided the tools my son required to help him bridge his sensory integration issues with his reading. In addition, she helped me prepare for a successful IEP... a happy accomplishment!”- Amber E., Parent

"Christy saw potential in my son and rejoiced in his progress. She lent an ear to me and helped me work through difficult transitions for my son. She is a great therapist and friend." - Mary L., Parent

"Christy has a true passion for teaching and helping others. She puts in the time and effort to make a positive and impactful experience for her students. Christy has an infectious enthusiasm that permeates her teaching. Her students and families truly enjoy their relationship working with her." Amy Gad, M.S. CCC-SLP

"Christy is caring, thoughtful and so positive that you cannot help but smile when you are around her- a skill that serves her well working with young children and anxious parents. Her demeanor immediately puts one at ease." -Sarah Hillier, Former Director Hanna Fenichel Center

The Story Of Rancho Coastal Speech 

I did my first independent contracting with the schools back in 1998. Since that time, I've seen third-party sources like RCST contracting with the schools grow in such a large way that at the current time, most speech therapists are getting calls two to three times per week and getting emails every single day. Why is that? Non Public Agencies are BIG business. RCST is different. RCST is on a mission. I believe that therapists and school districts deserve more. I believe that the HUGE middle cut that most all contract companies are taking from our children and our therapists needs to stop. RCST is committed to taking the guaranteed smallest cut of any third party source in business. This in turn translates to retaining the very best therapists and most importantly, providing that quality therapy our children in public schools deserve.